The Billionaire Next Door

I am sorry to say this is about Warren and not me. I have to admit that, while a wild-eyed VC, I am also a closet Buffett fan (aren’t we all…). Whitney Tilson posted Warren’s recent CNBC special on YouTube.

I’ve posted the CNBC special from last night on "Warren Buffett: The
Billionaire Next Door" to youtube at the following five links (youtube only
allows a max of 10-minute videos to be posted):

On a side note, my father-in-law was one of two traders in the US that Buffett would put trades through because of the volume he managed for Salomon Smith Barney. When our kids were born, we sent pictures of them, usually around age 7 months, with an accompanying letter from them explaining that they had just bought one share of Berkshire and were value investors. My son’s photo was with a rubber duck in his mouth looking up. In all cases, Warren responded with a personal letter within about three days as he tries to answer many of the letters he receives. In my son’s case, Warren mentioned that "Many of our long-time shareholders have asked me when you were going to join the fold — and your earlier hesitancy had caused them to become a bit shaky. Your purchase will calm them down…" My son is now older and this is one of his treasured possessions. Warren is a pretty amazing guy.

3 thoughts on “The Billionaire Next Door

  1. Maybe it’s me, but clicking on the links results in being redirected to

  2. Sorry. I just fixed the link. Somehow it redirected through my original email that I got the links from. It should work now. Let me know if not.

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