My BarCamp Fundraising Talk

Jason Rexilius pulled off another great BarCamp in Chicago over the weekend of 6/23. I loved the energy and creativity flowing at the event with developers coming together from a broad array of backgrounds to code, share and bond. We definitely need a lot more of this in Chicago. Jason asked if I would do a quick Q&A with the crowd on fundraising for start-ups. I would give an overview here on what I talked about, but David Dalka and John Mascarenhas did a much better job than I could at this.

David’s post, Matt McCall gives venture capital investing tips at BarCamp Chicago, which includes John’s guest post, is at the link above.

As I’ve gotten to know Matt McCall more, I begin to appreciate his approach. He doesn’t fit the preconceived mold that many would think of when they picture the typical venture capitalist. He’s more of…

Thanks guys for pulling this together.

One thought on “My BarCamp Fundraising Talk

  1. Actually we need to thank you for being a generous sponsor of Barcamp Chicago (along with Midphase Hosting – thanks for all that great pizza!) and spending time with us on a Sunday afternoon.

    I especially appreciated the conversation in regards to building an innovative and iterative culture and the follow up questions I was able to ask you. It’s the first time I have had an in depth conversation with you on that topic and it was exciting to learn my days at BlackRock (BLK) prepare me well to lead such efforts.

    Thanks again for sharing your time and taking questions from the group such a free form manner. It was great fun and even better learning that will prepare me for my next startup leadership role!

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