Favor to Get Out the Vote

I'm looking to withdraw a little from my Karma bank here. My son just led his high school team to the Illinois State golf championship. This is big deal for his small school (60 kids per class). It is the first state title in any sport in the school's 60 year history. He also finished second at Regionals and second at Sectionals. He's worked incredibly hard over the past years for this.

The Chicago Tribune has nominated him as one of six athletes to possibly win High School Player of the Month. He is second right now against others from much larger schools who are getting out the vote across their schools. I'm clearly biased but you can decide for yourself who to vote for. I would love to see as many of you as possible go to the Tribune HS Player of the Month site and vote for Nicholas McCall and help send him past the larger schools (plus his is the only State Championship in the group:). Thanks in advance!!!