Tim Draper’s 8 Rules for Start Up Success

I am out at the annual DFJ CEO Summit. Tim kicked off the event with his eight rules for company success based on 26 years in the business. They are:
Eight rules for success:
1) Test your product and get it out into market…see if the dogs will eat the dog food
2) Don't run out of cash
3) Eliminate human friction…one button on iPod, simplicity, simplicity
4) Focus…what is the most important thing to customer and what you can do to uniquely solve it.
— and eliminate items on fin statement like WC, anything not critical to key customer need
5) Leadership: you are the meme…you are on a mission but everyone picks up what you eminate…Sun always used the term Awesome (from McNealy), Job's culture. You are the leader of organization: take care of self, employees will also. You are the brand and heart of culture.
6) Think Big…go after things that count, one life to lead and go after big problem, change society
7) Have fun: get the endorphines firing, lots of little stupid things…leads to creative solutions
8) Partner and work with as many people as possible

David Rosenblatt of DoubleClick fame added:
9) Accountability: clear owner of each item who goes to bed focus and worried about it.
10) Transparency: avoid layered bureaucracy and heavy processes that obscure. Keep employees informed of all the company's tentacles, challenges and opportunitities